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Photographs by Thomas Erskine



Thomas Erskine photography

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Welcome to Maura Erskine website

About Maura
Maura Erskine has been much involved with Irish Music both in the United States, UK and Ireland for the past two decades. Lately, she has been prolific with her compositions, blending classical  & folk styles in her music. Maura, normally researches her musical interests into the flavour of the music of the time, for example; the ill-fated ‘Flight of the Earls’. Her research into the music of the time is really what gives an enriching experience to her audience.

Around the Ring of Gullion
A very good example of Maura’s Irish rich heritage can be seen from her new project ‘Around the Ring of Gullion’.  Please go to the ‘Gullion’ page of this website for further information concerning the project.

Around the Ring of Mourne
Maura’s fans will be pleased to hear that she is planning a new DVD of the ‘Ring of Mourne’. It will be a musical photographic journey around the spectacular Mourne Mountains with many colourful tales of long ago.

The Fight of the Earls project
Maura portrait of the ‘Flight of the Earls’ is a fine example of the musical research of the period of the time. The historical perspective of Maura Erskine’s ‘Flight of the Earls’ is what makes the album so special in its quality.

The Flight of the Earls represents a defining point of Ireland’s history when Ireland faced its greatest crisis and turmoil. This work was a joint venture with Dr. John McCavitt who wrote the historical narrative. He is Ireland’s leading expert on the Great Hugh O’Neill.
Maura Erskine music has been in close association with Miles Jones who produced and arranges her music.  They have had a long and creative partnership together, incorporating seven original albums.

News & Up-date
As said above, Maura is working on the 'Mourne' into another photo-musical project. We are told that the project is pending. Please refer to the website for further up-date info.

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